Sunday, August 8, 2010

I exchanged her face

This is the new face!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The newest paintings of Mao Hamaguchi

These are the newest paintings of Mao Hamaguchi.
Now she is painting some pictures of this series.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2nd drawing

Title "Lesbos"

I remade the failed drawing that was for the exhibition("KUROKICHINOUTAGE").

Original title is "FUTAGOZA"(Gemini).
I altered Gemini to Lesbian.

Two girls is exactly not "two people".
Perhaps....sometimes they are one person.

At first when I drew Gemini,they were enjoying sex.
Then they were not two person,too.
(They were probably one person.)
It means she(they) had sex by herself.
they seemed to have some kind of narcissism.

So this picture has a few trends of narcissism.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

1st selling

Now I am selling 1st drawing in Etsy!


I cannot draw the next picture.
Because I am busy now!

I must draw some pictures for the exhibition (in Osaka from July23 to August3,named "KUROKICHINOUTAGE").


..... black bloody party?!...... :(

And I must draw two pieces of pictures for 2nd exhibition,named " CHOUSOUNOHIBI" (in Sapporo from July15 to August5),too!



(....some kind of the group show.I don't know details:)
from July23 to August3



At Aband (Osaka)

from July15 to August5
At Kohze(Sapporo)
It is petit exhibition.

Mao Hamaguchi
Musubu Nakai


I pray to my ignorance.


I finished drawing my 1st picture for selling in Etsy.

And I packaged it!

Please see the below's pictures.

1) I put it into plastic case.

2) I put into plastic bag.

3) And I sandwiched it by the board of paper.

.........I think this red tape is cute.

And...I protected it by air cap seat.

5) finished!

Soon I will sell it in Etsy.

I pray to my ignorance.

Friday, June 4, 2010

the pencil drawing #Etsy01

I think this is a typical picture as my drawing.

The balance of eyes is a bit bad.
But probably I don't mend it.

This is a little picture.
Its size is about 5.03 /3.30 inch.

It has no frame.
I will sell only the sheet.

The price is $111.

Do you think it is too expensive?

I pray to my ignorance.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I will start the shop
in Etsy.

But I cannot make out the system of Etsy.

I can only draw some pictures for sale and only transport it safetly by EMS.

First of all I cannot write sentences in English well!
In spite of the fact that I write Japanese sentences very well.

So I stopped effort to understand the systems of Etsy.

When I ignored it,I felt that ignorance is stronger than some kind of effort.
My ignorance has some sort of the honest.
It means to be a fool,but by the same reason I feel relaxing.

So I started to draw the 1st picture for sale.

I pray to my ignorance.